If rolls were reversed:

Phone Rings

Realtor: Hello

LO: hi realtor how is your Sunday going?

Realtor: Great !

LO: Awesome…hey I’m with a buyer that I scheduled an appt with early this week. I like to schedule my appointments so I can plan around them

Realtor: Seems logical

LO: anyway they want to see

A house right now.

Realtor: Right now?

LO: yes right now

Realtor: I’m in the middle of something. Can I call them to schedule an appointment?

LO: no they really want to see the house right now. There may be multiple bids

Relator: I’ve never met these buyers are we even sure this is the house that is right for them?

LO: all I know is they want the house for a cheap as possible

Relator : How long has it been on the market?

LO: hey I have to run but let me give you there number so you can meet them at the house, you will Be meeting three other agents there as well because you know I can’t steer, unless you don’t want to …

Realtor: umm….I guess I can stop what I’m doing and show them the house..

LO: Great oh and by the way they really want the agent that can give them the most commission back in a closing cost credit…I informed them that this is allowed

Realtor: so you want me to drop what I’m doing on a sunday to show them a house that may or may not be the right house for them. And then they may decide to write the offer with another agent simply because the other agent is willing to devalue there roll in the transaction and give away commission.

LO: when you put it that way it sounds like you don’t want my business…

Realtor: that’s not what I’m say……

LO: Great I’ll text

You there number….hey are you still buying me lunch on Tuesday and sending me free

Marketing this week?

One last thing….. a lead from you once in a while would be great!!!!

Have an awesome Sunday!

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